If we talk about 1980, it was tough to work with a remote team with almost no on-time communication. The only channels for communication were phone calls and emails. But things have changed in the past four decades, and communication mediums have been drastically improved. Now reaching someone is not as difficult as it was in the past. You have on-time video calls, chats, emails, phone, WhatsApp, social media, and many other mediums to communicate with your remote team working on your project. In addition, there’s cloud collaboration where you can share your files with your team and where your team can share their files with you.

Tools That Make The Remote Project Management Easy

  • Communication Tools: WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, and online conferencing apps such as GoToMeeting, UberConference
  • Collaborative Tools: Cloud file-sharing tools such as DropBox, Azure, Google Drive, etc.
  • Project Management Tools: TeamWorkPM, Basecamp, and others

Why You Need A Remote Team To Do Your Magento Website Development Work?

There is not just one benefit – there are dozens of benefits to hiring a remote team: from cutting costs to getting different expertise under one roof. For example, imagine that you want to launch a new website for your company. To do this, you will need to hire a project manager to manage the entire project, at least two developers, one graphic designer, one quality analyst, one server admin, etc. And I don’t need to mention that all these guys should be experienced with Magento website development. Otherwise, your project will fail or take much longer to complete.

The scenario mentioned above will cost you a lot as you will have to give your team members a salary, infrastructure, other benefits, etc. Okay, great, you did it all and got your project launched by your in-house team. Now, after a couple of months, there is much less work to be done on that website, what next? Are you going to fire them? That’s a complete job uncertainty, and you will not get good people to work with you on that project if they know they will be fired or have to go after a couple of months.

Also, you pay way higher to get the most experienced staff, meanwhile, junior staff will charge you less, where a senior with 10 years of experience will charge you way higher. So, a normal $50-60k (average cost of a branded Magento store development) will go up to $200-250k (based on the average salary for 6 months for the entire team).

However, just opposite to the above, when you hire a remote team, you have total flexibility to award the project based on one-time cost or a couple of months cost. Both ways, you save a lot of money as you are charged per hour basis on the per expertise work on your project. In addition, you do not need to worry about what will happen with the remote staff when the project is finished. They get involved in other future projects. Also, you have the flexibility to continue with 1-2 developers on a daily basis to maintain your website after the project is launched. This saves your in-house cost of running that entire team.

Who Needs This Remote Magento Development Work?

Anyone who has a business and wants to run their website store on Magento. You should only focus on your core business of what you do and plan on how to grow it. Leave the rest to your remote development team and let them do their work.

What Precautions I Should Take While Choosing A Magento Development Agency For My Business?

There are many factors you should consider before hiring a remote development agency for your Magento store development work. The most important factors are:

  • Level of Expertise – You will need to check whether they are expert developers or not. Many Magento development agency has Certified developers with plenty of experience in Magento 1 and Magento 2 development. They have developed 100s of websites and know what they are doing. You will need to make sure that the staff you are hiring have proper experience in building very complex Magento stores.
  • Different Expertise – You will also need to check whether that remote agency has other team members with different expertise. You should always expect all these from one roof, whether it is a graphic designing work, SEO,inbound marketing work, or quality testing work of your website. Having all these from one place really makes the project lifecycle smooth.
  • Project Cost – The rate that they are charging you should be reasonable. If your project scope is 100% defined, I would suggest working with a one-time project cost. This will save you from surprises. Some agencies of questionable reputation try to charge at later stages for n number of reasons. However, a reasonable rate also does not mean that it will always be cheaper. A well-reputed company may charge you higher, but then you expect best of the best quality from them. We at BIZSPICE, produce that level of quality for our projects and meet our clients’ expectations.
  • Communication – You will need to check how the remote company is in terms of communications. Can they speak proper English? Do they understand you? Do you understand them?
  • Commitments – The most significant thing to make your project successful is to fulfill the obligations and promises. The promise to achieve a milestone and complete the project on the deadline should never be missed. If the remote team follows this strictly, then you are with the right team. 
  • Reports – From a reputed Magento development agency, you should expect weekly/biweekly and monthly reports regarding your project’s progress. If that’s happening and things are on time, you are with the right agency.


  1. It’s Cheaper – the biggest reason for getting remote work for every company that gets remote work – is saving costs.
  2. Lower Stress – Whether you manage an in-house project or are a developer, you feel more stress working from an office than from a remote place. Also, managing a remote agency for your project is less stressful than managing everything in-house.
  3. Greater Engagement – according to Harvard Business Review – remote staff has better engagement than the in-house staff.
  4. It’s the future – agree or not, it’s the future.
  5. Greater Efficiency – Some reviews demonstrate that the remote team has a better understanding of their responsibilities and shows better efficiency than the in-house staff.
  6. Focus on business – you sell toys, so you know how to make and sell them. Getting into web development is not a piece of cake that you are trying to eat. It’s difficult, and failure will cost you time and money. Then why not just focus on your core business and let the experts handle your Magento website development work?


  1. You can choose the number of staff based on their expertise without hiring them full-time.
  2. A full-stack Magento developer is the best choice for this.
  3. Get everything done from one roof.
  4. Can work in different time zones to save your business downtime.
  5. The best ROI – you get the best return based on your investment.
  6. Time-saving – you do not need to invest time in recruiting in-house staff and day-by-day management.


  1. Sometimes it’s difficult to communicate – this depends on the company. Some reputed companies are really great at communication.
  2. Language problem – if not outsourced to an English-speaking country, sometimes it is difficult to communicate with a remote team. However, a great project manager really helps collaborate with the remote team and client in the best way, where they both understand each other.

Why Choose Us?

BIZSPICE is known for its track record of launching projects on time, with 100% quality, and high customer satisfaction. Awarding your Magento web development to our Magento development agency will guarantee you the best working experience with a 100% success rate in your business to launch your Magento store and 100% piece of mind. So let us know if we can help you.