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What is ecommerce development?

This industry is not a niche anymore. Every business is using e-commerce technology to sell their products and services to their customers online through their ecommerce website. Whether it is a normal retail store, a SaaS-based product or service, or a stock exchange broker, everyone is using online ecommerce sites for transactions.

The new trends, customer habits, different ecommerce website development technologies, and many innovations and solutions regarding full connectivity with logistics, shipping, and payment have made this industry grow as a milestone. The covid pandemic has pushed this further to make this market bigger than never.

Most companies are endeavoring to catch the opportunity presented by the increase in online shopping. Consequently, fierce rivalry prevails within the realm of e-commerce.

Bizspice offers exceptional ecommerce web development solutions that encompass captivating website designs and a robust technological framework and help you keep your ecommerce business growing.

E-commerce service we provide at Bizspice


Shopify, the renowned Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, specifically targets small and medium-sized online stores in the e-commerce industry. With minimal restrictions, the app store and developer environment of this platform offer tremendous opportunities for businesses to personalize their stores.


Magento provides a comprehensive and flexible solution for eCommerce development, positioning it as the ultimate choice for extensive and expandable projects. Purchased by Adobe in 2018, the platform harnesses cutting-edge technology to deliver comprehensive eCommerce toolkits.


Miva introduces a captivating blend of SaaS innovation that combines the ease and presumed safety of SaaS with the flexibility and extensive capabilities typically seen in Open Source and On-Reason frameworks. Miva’s usefulness at the grassroots level brings a diverse range of shopping and advertising tools that minimize the need for external plugins. Miva allows merchants to engage in both B2B and B2C transactions on a single platform, showcasing products and providing tailored promotions for specific customer segments.


For WordPress users running smaller eCommerce ventures, WooCommerce is the go-to option. This innovative plugin provides mobile-friendly features that harness the capabilities of WordPress’s framework. Scaling in larger operations can pose a considerable challenge.

E-commerce technologies we work on

Migration from one platform to another

It’s always a big hassle and challenge in itself to migrate your outdated e-commerce platform into a new latest technology like Shopify, Magento, Miva, or others. You will always need to hire experts who have tons of experience in doing this. Migrating a store needs big planning and careful execution to keep your data, business logic, customers, products, designs, payment, and shipping setup intact when it’s migrated. Bizspice can help you migrate your existing store to the one you want with a seamless transition from one store to another.


Theme Design

It’s the same as your brick-and-mortar store, more beautiful it looks, the more customers come into your store. Just like this, your online store needs to be designed beautifully and personalized to your customers, their likes dislikes, their behavior, and so on. You will also need to follow the latest trends in technologies to keep your online e-commerce store up to date when compared to its look and feel. Bizspice has a team of certified UI and UX staff who will help you achieve your requirements related to theme design.


Every business has gotten something special in their business. No online readymade store application can fulfill 100% of a business’s needs. This generates the requirement of having e-commerce software experts customize the existing platform to meet the business goals and requirements of its clients. We have a team of certified developers who will work on your project and help you achieve all the special niche rules and goals in your business.


App Development

These days, online customers are more comfortable buying everything through apps. You should definitely consider making an app for your online store to catch this type of audience to increase your sales and return on investment. Our App development team can help you create an app in the shortest time and help you do more business.

Technical Support

We provide full technical support to you for fixing any bugs, technical issues and so on. We also help in giving full 24×7 support to your customers for your products and services. This helps you cut the cost of having in-house staff and gives you the flexibility to keep our team of experts around the clock for your customers.


QA/ testing & Bug Fixing

Our Quality assurance department makes sure that whatever projects are handled by our company always meets the top criteria in quality with zero bugs. They make sure to test any new feature, functionalities, or the overall checkout process on different devices, browsers, and screen resolutions. This service is absolutely free of cost if you are on any of our retainer development service plans.

API integration

Are you struggling to integrate third-party APIs into your e-commerce to make your business more powerful? We have our developers as experts in API integration. We have integrated many different APIs for our clients in the past, some of those are the APIs from NetSuite, Oracle, SAP, and Custom.


Custom Payment Gateway

Do you want to charge your customers through a different payment gateway that is not available with your e-commerce shopping card provider? We will help. You build, integrate, and launch that payment gateway for your store and help you take the payments through that.

Custom Shipping Methods

Let us know if you have a custom shipping provider or want to put some custom logic for your shipping methods which are not available by default with your e-commerce application provider. We will help you write or customize the shipping logic in your store for your customers.


Cart/ Checkout Enhancements

Our team of e-commerce experts will help you design a fresh UI and implement many UX elements which will help you convert more visitors into buyers. Let us help you revolutionize the shopping experience on your e-commerce store and help you enhance the cart and checkout experience for your customers.

B2B only

We have helped many companies in the past who had only B2B business. We customize the whole store and give it a B2B experience for customers by implementing the Quick order form, Purchase order, Order Now Pay later with NET15, Net30, and Net60 terms, tiered pricing on bulk buys, and many other B2B-related rules. Let us know if you have such requirements, we will make sure to achieve all your business logic onto your e-commerce platform.



If you have a mixed business of dealing with B2B and also end customers and retailers, we can make a hybrid e-commerce experience for your customers where B2B customers will have a different look and feel, product rules, pricing, etc than retail customers. They all will be managed from one platform but with different logic.  

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Let’s begin a transformative journey for your e-commerce business by getting a free consultation on your ecommerce website requirements. At Bizspice, we understand the complexities of the e-commerce industry, and our experienced dedicated team is eager to assist you in realizing your business aspirations.

Our free consultation is a personalized session designed to delve into the unique aspects of your e-commerce project. Whether you’re looking to launch a new online store, enhance your existing platform, or optimize your digital strategy, our experts are here to guide you.

During the consultation, we’ll take the time to thoroughly analyze your business requirements, discuss potential challenges, and explore tailored solutions that align with your goals.

From user experience design and platform development to digital marketing strategies, our comprehensive approach ensures that every facet of your e-commerce venture is strategically addressed.

Schedule your free consultation with Bizspice today and let us be the evidence of your online ecommerce success.

What Clients Say.


I enjoy their timely communication and deep involvement with the project. I love the platform's responsive, powerful interface. BIZSPICE SEZC manages tasks efficiently through tracking software, regular meetings, and daily progress reports. The team's flexible structure and fluid communication enable them to deliver on tight deadlines.

Thomas Bartke,
Ex Founder & CEO
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E-commerce Development Service FAQ

CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR Frequently Asked Questions

Is your company an eCommerce development agency?

Bizspice has 1.5 decades of development experience in the ecommerce area. We have worked on almost 250+ e-commerce projects which include different platforms, APIs, third-party integrations, and more.

What e-commerce platforms do you work with?

Our certified eCommerce developers work on Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento an Adobe commerce product, Miva (formerly Miva Merchant), WooCommerce, and many other platforms. We also work on a custom e-commerce platform and help you customize it according to your business needs and requirements.

Can you develop a hybrid app for my e-commerce website?

We have an in-house mobile development department that will help you develop a hybrid app for your online store to convert those customers who only like to buy on mobile. This will help you get more sales from different platforms.

What type of e-commerce design and development service does your agency provide?

We provide full e-commerce design and development services, custom plugin development, UI and theme development, UX and complex functionality development, and sometimes SEO and digital marketing services. Let us know what help you need.

Is your e-commerce service pricing reasonable?

We are reasonable when you compare the quality of our e-commerce development service with our competitors. We are experienced, knowledgeable, and technical and we believe in giving top-notch development services to our clients.