First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) Payment Extension


What is FAC?

Do we all know what First Atlantic Commerce – FAC is? FAC provides online payment processing and international credit card processing to merchants, banks, and partners. It’s a payment gateway that enables a merchant to allow his customers to pay with credit/debit cards through an online website or an online hosted solution provided by FAC. What we don’t know is that FAC is more famous in Caribbean countries for payment gateway services. Merchants who have bank accounts in CIBC, Scotia, Butter Field, RBC, etc., and want to accept credit/ debit card payment, can get FAC payment gateway services to obtain payments from their website.

WHAT COUNTRIES ARE SUPPORTED – almost all Caribbean countries.

A latest updated First Atlantic Payment gateway extension to support Magento 2 stores to offer payment solution on your Magento 2 based ecommerce websites. Now, accept all major credit cards and debit cards without any hassle of gateway implementation on your site.

Price: 299.00/ six months

What it Includes:

1. Updates
2. Bug Fixing
3. New Feature Addition
4. Priority Support
5. Hosted Payment from your site with/ without 3D Secure Authorization Only (authorize only)
6. Authorization & Capture (authorize/capture) Authentication Only
7. Authorization Only (non-3D Secure) or Authorization & Capture (authorize/capture)
8. Tokenized Authorization Transactions

9. Independent Tokenization and De-Tokenization of Card Number
10. Updating and Managing Tokenized Card Numbers
11. AVS Verification Only
12. Order Capture
13. Order/ Transaction Reversal
14. Order/ Transaction Refund
15. Order/ Transaction Cancel
16. Kount Fraud Detection Services

Important Features Of First Atlantic Commerce.

Unveiling the Vital Features of First Atlantic Commerce


Safeguarding Your Digital Frontiers.

It’s a very secure gateway, and it became more secure after partnering with KOUNT and other security and credit card fraud security providers.


Elevating Online Security to a New Dimension.

The security features offered with (or independently of) our international online payment solutions and merchant services ensure successful transactions for both the companies and their customers, with minimal losses due to fraud. These security features of our international payment solutions include pre-authentication services, 3-D Secure™ payer authentication, and other risk management solutions.


Where Diversity Finds Value!

FAC supports all major currencies.


Elevate with Address Verification Services.

cGate® supports compliant Address Verification Services (AVS) for North American cardholders.

FAC Has Two Types Of Integration.

Seamless Synergy, Diverse Connectivity: FAC Unleashes Dual Integration Power.

Hosted Payment Page

With this method, the integration will be done by FAC. Please get in touch with your Merchant support specialist there.

Direct API

 This will be done by “BIZSPICE”, the official partner of FAC for integrating their solutions on Magento. You will need to buy our extension, and then we will assist you in implementing this in your store.

Official FAC Partner.

Elevate Your Experience with Our Official FAC Partnership.

BIZSPICE SEZC is an official partner of the First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) payment gateway. This payment gateway helps Caribbean businesses to accept payment from their e-commerce websites and transfer the money to their company’s bank account, including major banks like Scotia, CIBC, Butterfield, and RBC.See the partnership details here:

Are you running your business in a Caribbean country? Do you want to accept secure online payments?

Your solution is to get your account opened with FAC and then contact us. We provide plugins and extensions for the First Atlantic Commerce payment gateway, which gets installed on your Magento or WordPress-related website.

We are also offering a limited period of free installation service to all the new Merchants who buy the FAC plugin from us.

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