Why hybrid mobile app development solution is the best?

What is a hybrid mobile app development?

Hybrid mobile app development is a development process which is done as blend of both native and web solutions. Where the core logics and functionalities are written in the web technology and then further used by hybrid technology like React or Ionic etc framework. The biggest benefits of hybrid technology are the quick delivery time, easy maintenance, one platform to manage both iOS and Android apps.

Let’s dive more into hybrid development in this topic and see if this is the right platform for your next project or not.

What is the benefit of hybrid mobile app development?

Embracing the hybrid-app-development approach offers a multitude of advantages.

Single Codebase

One remarkable benefit is the ability to have a single codebase that governs the functioning of the app, enabling it to seamlessly operate across various platforms. This feature makes hybrid mobile apps highly appealing to businesses who are enthusiastic about launching their app quickly in the market and seeking efficient hybrid app development services.

Perfect fit for simple applications

If you are not looking to build a highly complex game or a real time banking application than using hybrid mobile development architecture is the best fit for your requirements. These frameworks are particularly suitable for simpler applications such as photo sharing, e-commerce, or collaboration software like Slack. This is because they heavily rely on their website and desktop equivalents, making them a favorable choice.

Budget Friendly

One major advantage is the decreased cost associated with hybrid apps, as they have a single codebase and can be easily adapted to various platforms without the need for separate builds.


One of the biggest benefit of hybrid application is the low maintenance requirement. You can easily maintain an hybrid app with your existing web development team if they are well versed with Hybrid platforms or just keep 1-2 developers who are experienced on these platform and architecture. The entire process becomes so easy, including updates, bug fixes, and adding new features, with just one development team.

Faster delivery

Furthermore, the development of a hybrid app is faster compared to native apps as it does not require any specific native elements and makes use of simple coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Building a hybrid application can be accomplished in under half a year or less. This timeframe, of course, is contingent upon various factors such as the chosen development approach, specific app prerequisites, and desired features.

What is native mobile app development?

A native mobile app development is a methodology that describes the usage of native platform to build that app. For example, if you want to build an app for Apple iPhone, you will use Xcode and Swift to program your app. This app will only work on iOS devices and can’t function on Android or other platforms.

The biggest benefit of native mobile app development is totally dependent on its use cases. For example, if you want to make a complex game for iPhone users, a native platform is better, if you want to build an online banking app for a bank, you will need a native architecture and so on, while if you want to just make a normal app with lots of features coming from the main web applications then a hybrid app is best suitable, example a food delivery app or an ecommerce shopping site on mobile.

What is a web application?

A web app is an application which can only be used through web browsers. You can make any type of web apps whether its application based like CRM, ERP etc. These days web app architecture helps us do more in less time to develop the hybrid mobile app. You can use the same functionalities that work over the web browsers to your hybrid app through your hybrid platforms like React of ionic etc.

Comparison between hybrid and native app development

How to find a hybrid mobile app developer?

It’s not difficult to find hybrid mobile app developers these days. You can find freelance hybrid app developers on any freelancing sites these days such as Upwork or Fiverr or many others. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to obtain the best quality, availability or timely communication from these devs as they are remotely working without any control. We always suggest working with an agency whether your requirement or budget is small or big. Getting the right developers, right team at the first go is always best to make your project successful. This not only saves the unwanted burning cost of the project and delays, but also gives you full satisfaction and a quality product.

Final Thoughts

What option should you consider for your mobile app development? If you’re an entrepreneur looking to develop a mobile app, opting for hybrid mobile app development can be a great decision. It provides a convenient and cost-effective method of development, while ensuring compatibility across different platforms, unless you’re specifically creating a high-performance game or similar application. Entrepreneurs or business owners who are venturing into hybrid mobile app development may encounter some challenges, such as the need for a comprehensive understanding of how to integrate various components and the utilization of a suitable UI library for an optimal user interface design. However, these obstacles are well-recognized and can be efficiently overcome with the selection of an appropriate hybrid mobile app development framework, such as Ionic or React.

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