The holiday season is coming everywhere, and every store owner knows this is the peak time to get more and more sales from their e-commerce stores. Many store owners are already prepared with their marketing budget and plans for this season, while some are still struggling with what to do and what not to get more sales. In the past, I had written an article about 41 tips to get yourself ready for this holiday season. Many e-commerce merchants appreciated our article and used the tips to grow their sales. In that article, in point number 29, I mentioned offering bundled items in their store to increase sales. 

Now, BIZSPICE has just come up with a brand new extension called “Bundled Items” for Magento 2 to handle your bundled offers needed in your store. This extension is free for everyone. Yes, you heard it right, ABSOLUTELY FREE.Here is the link to get this Magento 2 Bundled Items extension: https://www.bizspicedev.wpenginepowered.com/magento-2-bundled-items-extension.html

Go to this page and download it today: https://www.bizspicedev.wpenginepowered.com/magento-2-bundled-items-extension.html

This extension comes with many features. Some of them are:

  1. Creating unlimited bundled offers
  2. Combining 2 or more products and making a bundle
  3. Displaying your bundled offers on the product page
  4. Showing different titles for different bundles
  5. Displaying bundled offers on the cart page
  6. Scheduling your bundled offers with an expiry and start date
  7. Option to edit the design of the template of your bundled items display
  8. Giving a flat discount on offers
  9. Giving percentage discount on offers
  10. It has common real-world practices to build the module
  11. It has a level of code quality and Magento standards

And many more other features.

This extension is free, and support is given on the extension. So install this extension and deliver offers that really work out for your customers.