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We are a retail and wholesale company that sells sporting goods worldwide

Our Achievement On Rock Your Glock Project.

Setting the Standard. Unleashing Innovation, Our Achievement on the Rock Your Glock Project.

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BIZSPICE: Igniting Innovation in E-Commerce – Transforming with a Modern Makeover!

BIZSPICE is proud to finish a project for one of our reputed clients, They contacted us to redesign their current Miva site, which had an outdated design at the moment. This site was originally built on an older version of Miva Merchant and later upgraded to the latest version of Miva 9.x. However, the design was still very old, not matching the current style and trends of e-commerce websites and lacking lots of important features. The site was also lacking in responsive layout on different devices.


Revitalizing Possibilities: Transforming Miva Store Challenges into E-commerce Excellence with Redesigned Features, Functionality, and SEO Mastery.

We had to do the redesigning of this site, the addition of new functionalities and features and implementation of SWe had to redesign this site, add new functionalities and features, and implement an SEO strategy. One of our biggest challenges was to do all this in the Miva Store e-commerce platform where not everything is 100% is doable. The site was also lacking many important e-commerce features, schema tags, Open Graph Tags, Sitemap, and many other things.

Our Work Summary.

Revolutionizing Web Presence: Elevate Your Business with a Modern, Responsive Redesign and Essential E-Commerce Features!

Our overall responsibility was to do a complete redesign of the website with lots of important e-commerce features. Based on our thorough research of the market, comparing competitors, and finding ideas, our graphic designer came up with brilliant design mockups which our client liked. We finally redesigned all the bits and pieces of the old website and gave it a modern look with a 100% responsive design that fits any device.


Exceeding Expectations, Elevating Design – A Grateful Testimonial.

Dan Humke Founder & CEO of Rockyourglock

Thank you for the great job on!

The design and the process more than exceeded my expectations! Thank you very much! If you need anyone for a referral in the future I would be glad to let them know how great you did.

Requirement Analysis And Implementation.

Revitalize the Online Experience: Say Goodbye to the Old, Welcome the Bold!

The old home page was very old in terms of current trends and style. Our graphic designer came up with a completely refreshed look and feel of the home page with lots of important features. Some of the most important features include:

  1. The proper use of web space – Website is like your house. You have to keep the items more organized, modernized and clean to make your house look awesome. We had revised every bits and pieces of the home page from top to bottom.

  2. Top Navigation – The top navigation of the site contains important contact information, a big search box, a mini cart feature, and a navigation bar.

  3. Navigation Bar– the navigation bar contains “ALL CATEGORIES” as the first link. Customers can click on it and see a dropdown with all the categories, ROCKYOURGLOCK.COM has on their website in the alphabetical order. We have also put a feature to sort the categories based on alphabets you choose from the top horizontal alphabets section. Next to “ALL CATEGORIES” we have put other top-selling categories which are “Ammunition”, “DVD & BOOKS”, “HOLSTERS”, “CLOCK PISTOLS”, “CUSTOM SHOP” and “ON SALE”. See how the new “ALL CATEGORIES” navigation dropdown.
  4. Banners – The banners are now full width. The main concept behind the banner was to four different banners where 1st will be the intro of the site, and rest will be their top selling categories.

  5. Sticky Header – Now, when you scroll down the site, the big navigation bar which occupies 30% of the visible area shrinks and become a small stick header with just 7% of the visible area. This helped our client to show more information on the visible area at any point of time.

  6. Featured Products – We have made this as a dynamic product listing from a specified category. Client can simply go to admin area and assign and unassign products from it and that’s it, the new changes will be reflected as soon as it is saved.

  7. New Products – Now the new product is also 100% dynamic and called totally based on when the product was added to the database. It will call the last 10 products added into the database.

  8. Best Selling Products – this is also dynamic based on all the bestselling products customer bought till date. It will show the 10 best selling products from the database.

  9. Testimonials from Clients – Now customers have better visibility of the testimonials shown on the website. It is very clean and clear and the motto of this was to tell visitors how good this site and products are, and the goal achieved.

  10. A Featured Blog Section – our client has a very mature blog site where he provides training materials, tips and tricks and other articles. We made it more visible on the home page now.

  11. NewsLetter Signup – The neat and clean horizontal newsletter box is now more visible to customers and our client has better visibility to see these now.