One Health Solutions

One Health Solutions – world leader in digital healthcare solutions.  A medical tele consultancy product development and further day to day maintenance.  

The main challenge of the client/ Brief/ Goal
Revolutionizing the existing tele consultancy web and mobile app and putting it on the next level when comparing with competitors. The existing product was absolutely outdated and was so much buggier as the core technologies like AngularJS, PHP, nGinx etc were already 5-6 versions ahead and creating so many operational issues on the customer and backend. 

The existing app was also missing some big core and important features which were already in place on competitors apps. 

How we have solved the problem? (Including the technical solutions and tools we used, platforms, tools)
We first prepared a team of best developers to handle this entire project. After finalizing the team, we divided the project in various phases called Design, Development, Platform Upgrades, Feature Building and so on. We further divided all these to our biweekly sprints and prepared the whole project report with proper gannt chart, time and cost estimation and deliverables. We also signed an agreement with our client to give a regular monthly development support for next 5 years and help them grow this platform to a bigger mass.

Once everything finalized, wer started working on the project and within 6 months, w launched the upgraded product with all new features and all

Project outcomes and results:
We had a huge success on the project outcome. After its launch, a completely new product platform with new look and feel, interface design, up to date technology, various device compatibility. This all resulted in a bigger clientele acquisition, hyper growth and bigger revenue.