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What is Miva?

An eCommerce platform everybody can rely on. Which helps you to make your business a BRAND. Integrate with ERP systems your business needs. BOTH B2B & B2C.

Miva is a powerful ecommerce platform but not everybody knows about its power and features. It has all the powerful features inbuilt and packed in the latest version of Miva. You need an expert miva Merchant store website design agency to handle your Miva Merchant website design services project. Our experienced Certified Miva Merchant Developer do Miva Store design, Development and Consulting and have a track record of 100% successful Miva website delivery on time since the beginning of our Miva design department. Check this Miva service details page and let us know, if we can do anything for you to grow your business.

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our services in miva

BIZSPICE.com is one of the best, experienced Miva website design agency for projects in the United States. We are in the Cayman Islands and have 15+ years of experience, 15+ developers for Miva website design, development and consultancy projects.

miva monthly development retainer services

Our Miva Development retainer service offers you a dedicated development on your store based on your daily and monthly requirements. We assign a dedicated developer to work on your Miva website. In this service you can request anything related to design, customization, Miva SEO, development, graphical work or anything related to your Miva store. We would be happy to assist you 24×7.

You can buy a monthly Miva Development Retainer Service for 2hrs, 4hrs or 8hrs a day. Contact us to know more details about this service.

new miva store design

Have you just started a new business on Miva platform? Is your site not looking competitive compared to your competitors? Contact us. We will give you the best Miva website design service and make your Miva store awesome, responsive on all devices. With us, you will get the best ROI for your Miva store website design project.

Make your competitors jealous with the gorgeous design and functionalities on your Miva store you can have.


Is your Miva Merchant website looking old? Not up to date as per the current design trends? Not mobile friendly? Your Miva store deserves the best and beautiful design as per the latest competition. We will make a Miva mobile responsive design which will fit to any device (mobile, tablet, iPad or computers) and browsers you or your customers open on.

Want to customize your website or integrate a new feature? Our expert Miva developers have tons of experience in integrating custom features through Emporium Plus Toolkit module as well as other custom code in HTML and CSS. Let us know what customization you want on your Miva website and our Miva developers will achieve that in no time.

Want to develop a new module in Miva which does not exists at the moment? Is that something business critical for you? Contact our expert Miva developers and they will help you to develop this new module per your requirement. Our Miva Merchant module developers will help you to write a new custom feature, API or payment or Shipping Gateway module. Contact us to get a quote on your requirement.

Don’t know how to grow up your business built on Miva website? Our expert Miva consultants will help you to make a project plan and then execute it in a timely manner. Our consulting may involve the auditing of your current Miva store, redesigning, SEO, Inbound marketing, ongoing SEO and maintenance. All this will only result in one thing, increase in your business growth.

Don’t know whether your website and web pages built on Miva is secure or not? There are dozens of reasons your store might be infected but you don’t know about it. It’s always a good practice to evaluate your store and get audited for security. This not just makes your customer feel safe and prevent them from future frauds, it also helps in building your brand reputation. Contact us to audit your Miva store.

Our team has experience of upgrading Miva store since 2006. We have worked on Miva version 2.x, 3.x, Miva Merchant 4.x, Miva Merchant 5.x and upgraded it to the latest. You have to take many precautions when you upgrade your existing website as the latest Miva may or may not have the existing features you have in your current store. Sometimes, you may also include a complete redesigning of your store while upgrading, which is a brilliant idea. Contact us to upgrade your old Miva Merchant store to latest Miva 5.x store.

miva SEO and inbound marketing

You just started a new business on Miva platform? Is your site not looking competitive compared to your business competitors? Contact us. We will give you the best design service and make your Miva website awesome, responsive on all devices. With us, you will get the best ROI for your Miva store design project.

Make your competitors jealous with the gorgeous design and functionalities on your Miva store.

our miva website design process

BIZSPICE.com is one of the best, experienced Miva design service agency for projects in United States. We are in the Cayman Islands and have 15+ years of experience, 15+ developers in Miva website design, development and consultancy services.

Miva Development Inquiry.

Inquire about your concerns regarding the development of Miva.

Dedicated Miva Development Service

Dedicated Miva development services play a pivotal role in empowering businesses to harness the full potential of the Miva e-commerce platform. With a focus on creating tailored solutions, these dedicated services ensure that businesses can seamlessly integrate Miva into their online operations. 

Expert developers adept in Miva’s robust features and capabilities collaborate closely with clients to design and implement custom solutions that align with specific business needs. From optimizing website functionality to enhancing user experience, dedicated Miva development services offer a comprehensive approach to e-commerce success. 

The result is a finely tuned online presence that not only meets industry standards but also surpasses expectations, fostering growth and maximizing the efficiency of online business operations.

guaranteed delivery on or before time

We will deliver your project on time based on the scope of work we agreed and signed. If we delay your project, we will refund 10% of the cost of your Miva project with us.

FAQ for Miva services.

Miva Services: Navigating Excellence with Answers

What is Miva?

Miva is a 2.5-decade-old, mature shopping cart solution developed in Miva script with the latest other cutting-edge technologies. It helps you launch your e-commerce business in a much shorter time compared to other shopping carts in the market. The software is very secure and hosted by a hi-tech infrastructure by Miva.

Can I set up a B2B store in Miva?

You can set up and launch a business-to-business-based eCommerce store in Miva for your customers. You can put different payment methods, shipping methods, pricing models, quick order forms, and lots of other business-related logical rules in your store. If something you see is not a standard requirement and you still want to implement it because of your business requirements, you can hire either Miva development or experienced Miva developers from Bizspice.

Where your Miva agency is located?

Our Miva-based digital agency is located in the Cayman Islands, however, we have a presence in Delaware United States, and Delhi, India.

Is your theme design and development service expensive for Miva?

We never consider our pricing for any project expensive for our clients. Our cost management team and project consultant work in very detail to estimate the most reasonable price for your Miva theme or development project.

Can I hire experienced Miva developers from your agency?

Yes. Of course. You can hire experienced Miva graphics designers, Miva Theme Developers, and Miva Developers from our agency for any small or big projects you have.