Magento 2.3 Release – Amazing new tools to enhance your ecommerce business experience

You all know in 2018, Adobe acquired Magento, and since then, they have not stopped fixing the existing problems in their v2.x and adding new stable features. Now, Magento 2.3.0 is here with new features and tools to help merchants do better with their businesses.

Some Of The Important Features And Bug Fixes Are:

  1. Multi-Source Inventory – also called MSI. MSI helps merchants improve their product stock efficiency by adding multiple physical locations from within the Magento admin. Now merchants can:
  2. Assign products and stocks to different fulfillment sources and locations.
  3. Track inventory from all the sources.
  4. Streamline operations with rules to prioritize and control different inventory systems in real-time.
  5. Also capable of integrating third-party inventory systems.

PWA Studio:

The eCommerce industry is growing more and more when we see the data for smartphones. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) enable merchants to deliver one of the best mobile experiences to their customers and improve SEO to drive 50% higher conversion rates and better page performance.

Page Builder:

At this time (until 2.3.1 is launched), this feature is only available for Magento Commerce customers, i.e., non-open source customers. It helps you create awesome, complex pages with the help of UI tools and Page Builder. It includes an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface and a powerful set of content types like images, videos, and banners, with instant page preview capabilities that enable non-programmers to take control of their content.

Additional Updates:

Magento Shipping – Added support for the new fulfillment system (MSI) discussed above. 

GraphQL – Developers can now easily query the data elements from APIs in a single request.

Asynchronous & Bulk Web APIs – it helps enable better control for the timing and execution of visibility of API calls, at greater volume and without waiting for previous operations, hence helping to enhance the system’s performance.

Declarative Schema – for developers to declare the final desired state of the db and have the system adjust to it automatically for any extension upgrading or installation state.

Indexing Improved – now, the indexing time is reduced by 60% and supports larger sites and huge product updates at the time of indexing.

Updates for tech stack –

–         more than 30 security fixes

–         Upgrades to Redis, MySQL, Elasticsearch and compatibility with PHP 7.2.x

–         Cache flush ACL

–         2FA/CAPTCHA included and protects Admin panel against stolen passwords and affects stores against bots and hackers.

For more information about this release of Magento 2.3.0, I suggest you review the release notes.