Little Foot Print​.


I’m the owner and founder of Little Footprint, an online retailer of organic children’s wear, barefoot-friendly shoes, natural and organic homeware, and ethical toys and gifts.

The main challenge of the client/ Brief/ Goal
We needed to create a fully functional, optimized website for desktops all mobile devices. We also wanted to create a loyalty rewards program and install quick-view extensions and a one-step checkout.

We wanted to find an experienced Magento expert that could handle our rapid growth, increase repeat purchases, and minimize the number of pages a customer has to navigate. 

Our previous vendor recommended BIZSPICE to us when they could no longer accommodate our growing business needs.

How we have solved the problem? (Including the technical solutions and tools we used, platforms, tools)
BIZSPICE expanded our previous homepage design, recommended and built a loyalty rewards program that was in line with our needs, implemented social features, including an Instagram feed, and worked on the SEO, optimizing our web pages and brands accordingly. As Little Footprint continues to grow, we’ve continued to work together to satisfy potential suppliers’ requests.

What was the team composition?
I work mostly with Ben, the director of BIZSPICE.

Project outcomes and results:
BIZSPICE’s proactive approach and attention to detail have increased sales/turnover by more than 30% and average sale value by 10%. Our page also ranks higher on Google and our customer retention has improved. Finally, our website pages load faster than they used to.
How was project management arranged and how effective was it?
We work on a retainer basis, which I highly recommend, as it gives BIZSPICE more control regarding upgrades and security patches. The BIZSPICE team takes time to establish a relationship with you, and in doing so, get a better idea of your needs. This allows them to be involved in decision making, provide recommendations, and understand where we’re heading. They care about their clients and work hard to contribute to their growth.
The director is involved in all communication, which has fostered a strong, trusting relationship between us. He’s as committed to our success as we are. He’s on hand for any queries I have for him and always responds promptly.
What did you find most impressive about this company?
They do their SEO and site optimization with care, providing prompt service and a proactive approach.