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Hire Full Stack Magento Developers

… in-house exp developers with included QA
and Project Manager without any extra cost.

Best Suited For:
  • 1 Day to day high end development
  • 2 Server Management
  • 3 Magento Updates, Upgrades
  • 4 Code Deployment
  • 5 New Features and Functionality
  • 6 Site Enhancement
Magento Commerce & Magento Community – are the powerful ecommerce applications backed up by Adobe Inc. Developing and working on Magento Commerce and Magento community is a big challenge for developers. A highly qualified Full Stack Magento certified developer with tons of experience can dramatically help you to grow your business based on this Magento platform and help you to get success. Choose from dozen of Full stack Magento Certified developers for your next project to make your project a complete success. Our main developer and client coordinator will be available from the Cayman Islands which is 1.25 hours away from Miami, Florida, United States and 3.5 hours away from Manhattan, New York City. Our clients are from Silicon Valley (California), New Jersey many other cities and states of US.

When should you hire a full stack dedicated Magento developers?

  • 1 Your site is busy and you need a full stack Magento Certified developer to do routine maintenance of your website changes and server work
  • 2 You want an experienced team (like your in-house team) handle day to day requirements of your magento site like catalog upload, changing designs, developing new features, integrating with shopping sites, feeds management, backup and more.
  • 3 When you don’t want to spend too much on inhouse development team and want to get a set of different expertise of designers, digital marketers (SEO/SEM), developers by paying just for one. We know what it costs to hire 5 different kinds of expertise in a company. You get everything from us at the cost of one.
  • 4 When your store is large and you have tons of new functional requirements that you want us to develop
  • 5 When you want to keep your server stable all the time, make sure the site is functioning
  • 6 Patch updates, Magento upgrade to latest, handing security of the site
  • 7 Fixing bugs, troubleshooting issues, fixing issues encountered by your customers
  • 8 When you want to grow your business and invest more time on it but you want a development partner to take care of all your website burdens and run the website meticulously.

If you do not have one of the requirements, then you should go for our “One Time Magento Project Development” service. Click here to know more about it.


STEP 1 Define your project commitment with us. Select the type of developer and number of hours you want from us. We have magento development slots for 8 hours per day (160 hours full time per month) – Best suited for medium and big brands becoming biggest 4 hours a day – suited for small to medium sized brands becoming big 2 hours a day – suited for small brands becoming big
STEP 2 1. Magento Certified Developer – 8-10 years of experience 2. Magento Certified Developer – 5-6 years of experience 3. Magento Developers – 3+ years of experience



2 hrs/day Service – 1499/month.

4 hrs/ day Service – 2499/month.

8 hours/day Service – 3899/ month.


We have delivered best-in-class high profile Magento sites developed, designed by our inhouse Full Stack Magento Certified Developers, graphics designers, tested by our quality assurance team and well executed by the project manager.

  • 1 Certified Developers on your project.
  • 2 Intelligent, experienced dedicated developers on your project
  • 3 100% quality assurance provided on all the assignment. FREE QA staff on your project.
  • 4 100% Project Manager’s involvement to make sure things are on the right direction and well communicated to you. FREE
  • 5 Proper code deployment strategies
  • 6 Data backup
  • 7 Development environment on AWS servers 100% free from our side
  • 8 Work from state of the art office, fully equipped with modern infrastructure and technologies
  • 9 Emergency Services – we will support you for any emergencies you have.
  • 10 Any development or launches will be done in your off hours to make sure that there are no errors and new things are perfect on the site. BEFORE YOUR CUSTOMER SEES.
  • 11 Project Manager/ Client coordinator – will be with you round the clock. AVAILABLE IN YOUR TIMEZONE.