Magento 2 - Cross sell versus upsell products

Magento 2 - Cross sell versus upsell products

What is your primary goal from your Magento ecommerce site? As we know that the primary goal is to reach more and more traffic and the right customers at the right time so more orders can be placed and can help in generating more revenue. There are many ways which can increase the sales on the website and among them, Cross Selling and Upselling along with related products are the most effective tools which can be used to increase sales in your online Magento store.


Magneto 2 has functionality to provide Cross-sell and Upsell, aims to increase sales and helps in promoting new products, but in fact they are separate and different types of selling configuration in your store. In order to understand the difference between these two, let's start with some definitions.



Upselling is when you suggest your customers to increase their purchase by either adding additional items or shifting to a more premium version of their original choice.


Upsell products are those item that your customers would ideally buy instead of the product they’re viewing. That means you offer the customer to choose the entity of better quality, having better functionality, and as a rule of higher price. So, in Upsell, you encourage client to buy same type of product which may better in quality and higher in price.


For example, you would like to buy cell phone and you are viewing the one, you will usually see at the bottom of the page other models with better characteristics and higher price.


Upsells can be viewed directly on the product page.




Cross sell products are slightly different from Upsell products.


Cross-sell Products are usually introduced as an accessory that is in separate form but enhance the main product. Thus, it offers customers to buy some complementary products in addition to the main one.


For example, If you are going to purchase a computer, then printer can be suggested as an accessory for your computer. Similarly, when you purchase cell phone and there is a section which suggest buying headphones that are compatible with the phone, is cross selling. Thus, provoking customer to purchase those items which they were not searching for.




Cross sell can be viewed on the Cart page.


The major difference between Cross-sell and Upsell products are


  • Upsell products are of same type as main product while Cross sell products are different, seen as accessories of main product.

  • In Upsell, cost of the suggested upsell product may be higher than the main product while in cross-sell, the cost of additional product is usually lower than the main product.

  • Upselling means selling the same type of product having more cost while Cross selling means selling additional product with the main product.


How to add up-sell and cross-sell in Magento 2

To add cross sell and upsell in Magento 2,

  1. Go to Admin Section and then

  2. Click on Catalog > Products

  3. Select one of the products and open the advance Settings section


You will see Up-sells, Cross-sells and Related products options. From here you can add Cross Sell, Upsell and also related products.




Now let’s add upsell and cross sell products.


Add upsell in Magento 2:


Step 1: Go to the respective product which you want add upsell product from Catalog > Products, and select products.


Step 2: On up-sells, cross-sells and related products section click on add upsell products





Step 3: Select upsell product and click on add selected products





Now as I have selected upsell products for a particular product, it will show like this in admin.





Click on Save to save your settings for this product.


and when we go to Product Page (In my case Hero Hoodie), these upsell products will now start reflecting on bottom of product page of the product.






Add Cross-Sell in Magento 2:


The steps are same as for adding Upsell product


Step 1: Go to the respective product which you want add Cross-sell products from Catalog > Products, and select products.


Step 2: On Up-sells, Cross-sells and Related products section click on add cross-sell products


Step 3: Select Cross-sell Product and click on Add Selected Products





Now as I have selected Cross-sell products for a particular product, it will show like this in admin.





Click on Save to save the product.


And now when we add to cart our product and then Go to cart page, Our cart will have Cross-sell products for this particular product.
 has developed a very small but powerful extension in Magento 2 to handle the cross selling of items in your store. This is something similar to what provides on their product page, it is called Magento 2 - Bundled Items. This extension will help you to club more than one product and make them as a package to sell it to your customers. For more information about this cross selling extension, please visit our Bundled Items extension page. Our Bundled Items extension is absolutely FREE.