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Hurry Up! Magento 1 will be discontinued after May 2019. Contact us (one of the best Magento company) to upgrade your Magento 1 to Magento 2.

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A powerful platformMagento Commerce 2.x – The #1 eCommerce platform for performance, scalability, and growth for your business.

A very few people know that Magento 2 was planned in 2010 and then got released in July 2015. Till date Magento 2 has shown the ecommerce industry how powerful and capable it can be for an ecommerce business for small to big enterprise level businesses.

These are some of the best features on Magento 2

1. Performance and Speed Improvements
2. Improved Admin Panel
3. No extension conflicts
4. Ajax Add to Cart
5. Improved Checkout
6. Dependency Injection
7. SEO and Security
8. Mobile Friendly
9. Modular Approach
10. Old bug fixes
11. and many more

For more details, please read our blog about the Comparison of Magento 1 vs Magento 2 here.

BIZSPICE Trusted Magento 2
Solution Partner

Your business is everything for you. You need a partner who understands your business and the technology your business is based on. BIZSPICE is an agency which is working on Magento platform since its beginning. Our developers have strong experience on Magento 1 and Magento 2 and they understand both these platforms very well and can be proved as the best resource to be used on your Magento upgrade project.

Why Magento 2

Magento which is now an Adobe product has the perfect foundation for the small to enterprise level online businesses. However, unified integration with third party systems like ERP, POS etc are vital for the delivery of straight forward solutions to support your operations, streamline order fulfilment and provide tools for merchandising and marketing. At BIZSPICE, we take the best approach when recommending an overall solution, and our experience of multiple system integrations gives us a great understanding of the benefits and limitations of each offering.

In todays world, business rely on many different technologies, Magento 2 is more flexible, open and more compatible with all these.
Improved caching technology, code improvement and modular approach makes Magento 2 is the fastest Magento solution ever.
The checkout process has been completely streamlined for a better, quicker and user friendly conversions. It can handle more order requests per minute than before.
More Mobile
Responsive and mobile friendly for the end-users than the earlier versions of the Magento helping mobile users stay connected with their favorite brands and do the orders.
Better Business
Having a standalone database system makes Magento 2 order management and checkout process simpler and faster.
Improved Engaging
Magento 2 is dedicated to offering more engaging and personalized customer experience across every device to all your customers.
Magento 2 now gives you an option to do Unit testing, code testing and load testing before you implement a new solution for your customers.
The installation process for Magento 2 is very easy and faster due to the inbuilt composer implementation in Magento 2.
Product Video
Site owners can now integrate multiple product videos easily with loads of customization features making the store more optimized.

Hand Holding from Pre-migration
to Post-migration Support

You know the rewards of Magento 2 but not sure how to take the leap! BIZSPICE will be your development partner on this journey providing you complete support and consultancy right from pre-migration to post–migration.

We understand your concern to make this migration smooth and hassle-free. We are equally proactive and supportive when it comes to your data security and other critical information. We ensure that all your vital data remain intact and secure and help you transit your business from Magento 1 to Magento 2 without any data leakage. Our Magento team of experts is experienced and well trained in their respective domains to give you the best results. So, relax and let us help you get this upgrade done for you!

magento 1 to
Magento 2 Migration

It’s time to give your storefront a newer and improved makeover. Magento 2 just does that. With better functionalities and automated business operations, you get what you have been dreaming for years. Offer a better user experience, more convincing and smart extensions and tools to organize your storefront that this new version of Magento is in store to offer.

But it’s not simple to migrate and do redesign. Our team of magento professional will help you throughout the journey to do your existing design or build a completely new UI for your upgrade Magento 2.

Other Platform

Whether your online store is built on magento 1, Shopify, OpenCart, CS Cart, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, Woocommerce or any other ecommerce platform, it is ideal and high time to switch to Magento 2 for automated and growing business solution. We can help you migrate from e-store from your existing platform to Magento 2 in a hassle-free and seamless manner.

Perfect migration process, in-depth knowledge, and decade of experience are required for smooth and impeccable migration, we are trusted for this. We’ll guide you through:

  • Defining your requirements
  • Designing new user interfaces
  • Transferring product information
  • Migrating customer and order data
  • Rebuilding core features
  • Protecting and enhancing SEO
  • Relaunching

Migration Faqs

There is a clear roadmap for the process, however you have take into consideration that the theme and code customizations won’t be transferable. Some parts of your site will have be redone on Magento 2, so this will require an extra investment.
There is a clear roadmap for the process, however you have take into consideration that the theme and code customizations won’t be transferable. Some parts of your site will have be redone on Magento 2, so this will require an extra investment.
There is a clear roadmap for the process, however you have take into consideration that the theme and code customizations won’t be transferable. Some parts of your site will have be redone on Magento 2, so this will require an extra investment.

Magento 2 Demo

Want to get your hands on the latest version of Magento?

Try out Magento 2 for yourself, explore a completely new and user-friendly administration area and see Magento 2’s responsive theme.

Our demo always remains up-to-date with the latest versions of Magento 2 Community and Enterprise Editions for optimum viewing.

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