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Optimization Service

Suitable for Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Every merchant knows how load time is important for his customers. A 2-3 seconds delay in opening a page can loose the prospective buyer on the site. Improve your store performance with our Performance Optimization Service.

The service includes:

  • Auditing of existing extensions
  • Auditing code and templates
  • JS/CSS/HTML Merge and Minify extensions
  • Image Optimization
  • Full Page Cache (Magento 1 only)
  • Performance Monitoring extension
  • Amazon CDN Synchronizer (by request)

Speed Up Magento Stores With
Magento Performance
Optimization Service

Our Magento optimization service is suitable for both Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x. If your store is running really slow, our performance optimization service is the best solution. This service is the key to have a fast and stable magento store.

Magento Performance
Optimization Service Improves
The Following Areas

  • Decrease in time to first byte (TTFB)
  • Merge and minify Javascript and CSS files
  • Defer parsing of Javascript
  • Minify HTML
  • Optimize Images with/without quality loss
  • Less requests to a server
  • Reduce Page size
  • CPU and Memory usage tracking in admin panel
  • Email-alerts upon high CPU usage

After performing this service, your website will become much faster and stable.

BIZSPICE has an experienced team in Magento which is very mature in auditing a site and then find the real causes which make the website slow. Our initial optimization report will give you a detailed information on where your site is lacking, what is the quality of code, images, css and JS. We will also check, if your code to interact with database is not written with best practices and if you are making unwanted database calls. Once report submitted, we will work on all those weak areas.

Why you should choose our Magento
Performance Optimization Service?

Decreasing TTFB

Time to first byte (TTFB) is a time period between an initial request to a server and a server response is made. This is one of the key factor of a site speed. TTFB should be lower than 1 second.

Optiming Images

Optimizing your images without loosing quality or least affect is our priority. We will also help you in integrating Amazon S3 if it is already not done.

Merging and Minifying Javascript and CSS files

Merging is combining dozen of JS files or CSS files of the same type into a single file. For example, a browser will load one merged CSS-file of 1Mb faster, than 5 CSS-files of 200Kb due to fewer requests to a server. This improves the store performance.

Minifying is a process of removing all excess information from JS and CSS files, which reduces size of resulting files.

Defer parsing of Javascript

Parsing of Javascript files takes much time for every page request. However, some JS code is not required to render a page. Deferring parsing of none-required Javascript (until it’s required on the particular page) enhances overall page speed.

Minifying HTML

This is one of the important thing to do to enhance the speed by minifying the HTML. Minified HTML code is faster delivered, parsed and rendered by a browser.

We use Compressor extension (M1 / M2) to merge and minify JS/CSS files, provide defer parsing of Javascript and to minify HTML

Reduce Page size

Image optimization, GZIP compression, merge of JS/CSS files, removing excess files and CSS/JS/HTML minify allow significantly decreasing overall page size and improving the page load. We know, the lower page size is, the faster it is loaded.

Less Requests to Server

Request processing has 4 steps: delivering of a request from a browser to a server, processing the request on the server side, delivering the response to the browser and processing the response on the browser side. Each step takes time. Thus, the more requests a browser makes, the slower a web page loading speed is. In addition,

Magento Optimization Service includes encountering and elimination of unnecessary/unused/duplicated scripts, libraries and other resources.

CPU and Memory usage tracking. Email alerts to a system administrator.

To understand and analyze the performance of the server and Magento, it is critical to have a tool that helps tracking CPU and Memory usage for the last past. We install NewRelic tool to monitor this. Its detailed reports have the list of top website and server transactions, which is helpful in determining bottlenecks. In addition, it allows sending emails to notify a system administrator on high CPU load.

Checking code and quality of Extensions

Sometime badly written third party extensions really downgrade the performance of your store by making unwanted calls or unneccessary requests etc. Our professional Magento developers will check all this and update you if any of the extension is not working as expected.

Varnish/Redis configurations

Varnish is a reverse proxy-server caching and HTTP accelerator application. Varnish uses its capabilities very effectively for all modern multiprocessor systems. The cache can store any information; as a result, Varnish is great to cache dynamic content. This allows Varnish to reduce response time and CPU load for future equivalent requests from your store. So, if you want to speed up Magento 2, Varnish is a must. Our professional will help you to configure this on your server.


Not at all. We will make a development copy of you store and then perform all the changes there. Once we are satisfied with the work, we will give you the report and then migrate all the changes to production on a Saturday or Sunday night.
For sure. Magento 2 has drastically changed the way how Magento works and then execution of theme, redenring with requests etc all are very much optimized in Magento 2. We will definitely recommend you to upgrade.
It involves many stages as well as a great communication between you and us. It usually takes 2 weeks to research, audit, perform the services and then test it and make live.

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